"it was really inspiring"

Thank you Charlotte and Gemma for the facilitation you ran, it was a difficult conversation to have and I really appreciate how you both approached it and created a safe space. It was really inspiring and made me think about how other difficult conversations could be handled.


Gurjit, Session Participant

"most successful session"

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful facilitation last week. It was the most successful session in generating group discussion and the two-way flow of ideas and that’s entirely down to your skill in reading and managing the room. Such a key moment for us and you delivered it beautifully.

Lisa Burger, Executive Director, National Theatre

"inclusive and effective"

You quickly established an inclusive and effective way for our group to work together online - something we hadn't done before. We kept to time, heard from everyone in the group, and were able to reflect on the consultation process we'd been through together - all of which was made possible by your expert facilitation. 

Flo Reynolds, ILS Programme Manager,

National Centre for Writing

"enabled me to say everything I wanted"

Thank you Gemma & Rachel so much for the [...] event this afternoon. I have to admit that I've been really dreading it! But the way in which you organised it, with the anonymous whiteboards and chats etc, was so clever and enabled me to say everything that I wanted without worrying.

Jessica, Session Participant

"safe space to explore"

With Gemma's brilliant help I was able to listen to myself, set realistic goals and an ambitious long term plan. By creating a safe space for me to explore, Gemma focused my attention on what I wanted to achieve, without judgement or pressure.

Racheli Sternberg (coachee)

"enormously helpful

Charlotte offered a gentle yet consistent and firm coaching style which I found enormously helpful in clarifying and moving beyond my limiting beliefs. The sessions have strengthened my confidence and belief in myself, an independent in the arts, as I embark on new projects and 'catch-up' after becoming a mother.

Katriona Holmes (coachee)

"gentle yet firm"

Through her authentic gentle yet firm facilitation (coaching and presence), Rachel has the power to change the way people think about themselves and others in an instant. 


Sarah Pickthall,

Inclusive Cultures programme for Clore Leadership